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A60 (A60-0AW-RD5-01EA) Payment Tablet Terminal
Weighing only 300g, the A60 offers all the advantages of the A-series in a featherweight, elegant design. It is paperless,
helping reduce your environmental footprint as well as stationery costs.
With inbuilt 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth communication, the A60 can either be a standalone wireless device or
an elegant in-store cordless desktop solution when paired with the BP60A docking station for printing, charging
and additional peripherals connectivity.
Ergonomically designed, PAX’s A60 features a 5-inch display with brilliant HD resolution and inbuilt cameras reading both
1D & 2D codes. Improve both the consumer payment experience and your in-store aesthetics!
A60 Key features:
Inbuilt GPS
Hybrid card reader
Cortex A7 Processor
4G + WiFi + Bluetooth (BLE)
PCI PTS 5.x & Full Contactless
5? Touch Screen / PIN on Glass
Rear Camera & Optional Front Camera
Optional Base Station with fast printer & multiple ports
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