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Mtech’s SP-500 is custom -made for shops  seeking high -performance , cost-effective (C/P)  POS terminals with a  small footprint  which are well-suited to utilize minimum  space and can even be integrated to complement the shop’s  interior design owing to their attractive exterior.

The SP-500 is an attractive and elegant -looking  POS terminal with a glossy , fanless design that  is internally equipped with peripherals. All in all , its stylish appearance and high cost-performance (C/P) value make it  a perfect fit for environment / shops having an aesthetic business sense.

  • Bezel-free screen with projected capacitive touch (multi-touch)
  • Intel® Celeron® Processor Bay Trail-D J1900 (2.0GHz up to 2.42 GHz, 2M Cache)
  • Fanless design with spill and dust resistant front panel rated IP65. Entire unit is IP54 certified.
  • Glossy Finish with two color selection (Black or Black&White)
  • Supports Second Display
  • Peripherals: 3-track MSR, RFID reader, Fingerprint, IC Card reader, i-Button


Space-Saving Design

Mtech’s SP-550 is a sleek, energy efficient POS terminal with a compact footprint  which  allows retailers to optimize counter space , hence freeing up  room to accommodate  impulse purchase displays as means of sale booster incentive. This is what makes  the SP-550  an ideal solution for creating a lasting ,  positive impression on  customers to keep them hooked and coming back for more.

Intel Inside

The ultimate success of any business , especially retail or hospitality business rests upon quick and efficient service that results in customer satisfaction.    Being  powered by a lightning fast Intel® Celeron® Processor Bay Trail-D J1900 (2.0GHz up to 2.42GHz, 2M Cache), the SP-500 is well-equipped to deal with demanding applications and process payment transactions in record time. Furthermore, the POS terminal carries an inbuilt  of  up to 8 GB of memory and also  has a storage capacity of 128 G solid state drive.

Meets Restaurant Requirements

Given that Accidents in the form of spills , drops and dust are inevitable  in the busy , traffic -charged environments of restaurant and retail industries ,  purchasing  rugged hardware is crucial for sustaining long term cost of ownership and bringing   ROI in the long run. With that in view , Mtech ‘s  SP-550 is the right choice for POS hardware solution that’s  constructed using fanless technology that pulls dust or dirt into the POS terminal and hence leads to reduced risk of damage by these pollutants. In addition, having no mobile parts further confers upon the POS terminal  resilience to counteract   the chance of damage from impacts that are likely to occur in such retail and restaurant areas. The POS terminal’s  IP54 sealing rating offers solid protection against spills, dust and particles that could compromise the  efficiency of the system , thereby  causing downtime and eventually lower productivity.

Rugged but Appealing Touchscreen

Although there is no denying how critically important rugged hardware is  in high impact industries, the external appearance of the technological device is also of considerabe  if not primary value. Not only does a striking appearance of your establishment casts a favourable first impression but  this SO-550 POS hardware  also stands prominent  with its attractive, bezel-free structure and a  true flat touchscreen with   projected capacitive touch technology. Equipped with an LED backlight, the 15 inch screen is suitable  for low illumination situations and  maximum flexibility is  provided for by the pole and wall-mount options and finally  a  wide tilt viewing angle ensures comfortable viewing .

Ports and Expansion Options

The most feasible and viable choice for selecting  POS hardware is one that guarantees  maximum flexibility and scalability  since you need POS terminals that are capable of  propelling the growth  of  your business. One of the SP-550’s strongest points is its flexible design, which allows it to  reconfigured at any time as per your preference or need.  The POS terminal features six USB ports, LAN, VGA and COM ports and a cash drawer  for accessibility along with a mini PCI-e and wireless LAN module that provide added power when necessary.

Optional Peripherals to Engage Customers

As a versatile soultion, SP-550 comes  with a wide range of peripheral ports and  several optional peripherals, including an encryption capable magnetic reader all of which facilitate customisation on part of the consumer in keeping with the retail requirements.   Often, customers preferably  watch staff ring up items in real time on a customer facing display; secondary customer display options include a VFD (2×20) or 7-inch LCD screen that can help you increase customer engagement. If  you are looking out for additional branding and digital signage , you can choose from 11.6-inch or 15-inch LCD monitors.

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