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The Breeze Ultra All-In-One Ready to Deliver Powerful Performance and Easy Serviceability

The Breeze Ultra All-In-One System comes equipped with all of the features and computing performance you need to run a successful business. Supporting an Intel Celeron G3930TE Dualcore 2.7Ghz, Intel Core i3-7101TE Dualcore 3.4Ghz, Intel Core i5-7500T Quadcore 2.7Ghz, up to 3.3Ghz, or Intel Core i7-7700T Quadcore 2.9Ghz, up to 3.8Ghz, this all-in-one terminal packs power. The rackable motherboard provides an easy service and upgrade path, ensuring reduced downtime and scalability.

For more information about the Breeze Ultra All-in-One, download the spec sheet.


  • 15” Projected Capacitive / True Flat Touchscreen
  • Rackable motherboard from the top of the unit
  • Up to Dual Hard Drives with Raid 1/0
  • Optional MSR and/or Steel Coat Biometric Reader
  • Fold flat base
  • Optional Universal Printer Base
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