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An enhanced version of the time -tested compact LS6000, LS6001 Bematech kitchen display controller comes with improved operational speeds and network connectivity. This makes LS6100 kitchen display controller one of  the most cost effective and reliable kitchen display system hardware in the market thats specifically manufactured to ensure durable and continuous functioning  even in jarring kitchen environments. It further features a heavy-dutycase, snap-to-lock connectors, low power and moving mechanical parts and internal cables. 

As the industry’s leading kitchen video display solution, MTech ‘s LS6100 kitchen video controller incorporates Ethernet as opposed to the conventional logic net. This ethernet ability helps it supercade the advantages of the logic net as it enables network implementation with the most popular Ethernet connections.

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·         IP addressable module, Ethernet topology.

·         Compact form factor

·         Highly reliable and robust

·         Fanless technology

·         Low cost, no operating system (OS) required

·         I/O ports to connect bump bar, serial printer, VGA monitor or touch screen monitor

·         High security for protection against malicious software

·         Remote download of graphic images and firmware

·         Easy to install, maintain and upgrade.

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