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The KB1700 kitchen display bump bar is custom-built to improve order management in retail setups that require fast-paced and proficient results. Its 17 tactile keys are capable of being programmed and the KB1700 is compatible with a full set of alphanumeric control, function, and international output codes. Due to its powerful Windows-based programming utility that stores key definitions in a single data file, an integrator can create a customizable program layout for multiple keypads as opposed to key by key and keypad by keypad programming which allows quicker navigation.

The kitchen display bump bar’s I/O ports allow several input devices to be interconnected linearly. It provides either a PS/2 or RS232C output and comes with true keyboard wedge functions which means that it can be operated with both a keyboard as well as on its own. The KB1700 is also equipped with an internal beeper and carries multiple legend sheet options

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·         All 17 tactile keys are programmable, up to 1800 characters per key with programmable inter-string delays

·         Includes powerful Windows-based programming utility

·         Create program layout for multiple keypads – programming utility saves templates in data files

·         Requires no programming accessory kit, TSR programme, or battery

·         High quality, stainless steel dome disk switches for a sustained performance.

·         Standard computer 101 keyboard output data format

·         Data set includes all alphanumeric, control, function and optional international output codes

·         True keyboard wedge function

·         Available with PS/2 or USB Communication interface

·         I/O ports allow daisy-chaining of other input devices

·         Internal beeper

·         Various legend sheet options available

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