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Technology Suite and Security

  • State of the art, latest development stack. MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular and Node)
  • Java Micro services
  • Maria DB on Active-Active configuration
  • Native Android and three tier POS application architecture
  • AWS hosting under very high available architecture with no single point of failure
  • PCI-DSS certified – P2PE encryption, card number tokenization
  • Supports RK

STEAM – Secure Terminal Management System

RKL – Secure Remote Key Load

PIN Pad – Secure Wireless PIN Pad Interface

SPIN – Secure Semi-integration Interface

Multiple Android POS Options

  • Desktop POS
  • Handheld Wireless with printer
  • Handheld Wireless without printer
  • PIN Pads
  • Stand alone and Semi Integration
  • Android ToP – Tap on Phone
  • NFC Universal Wallet including Crypto

Tap On Phone Acceptance

·         Merchant can accept contactless payment on their own Android device without investing in expensive POS devices 

·         Contactless cards are accepted in EMV mode. Same low interchange cost compared to expense CNP rates if card is swiped on dongle or manually key entered 

·         Fully certified Pin-On-Glass solution 

·         Highly effective for on-the-go merchants and how ticket value merchants. Contact less transaction can be completed without PIN in most cases 


  • Easy omni channel setup
  • Role-based hierarchy access
  • Extension to the POS terminal
  • Consumers connect & ISO Analytics

iPOSpays Payment Gateway Services place ISOs at the helm by allowing the entire payment process to be managed in one convenient place, dispensing with the need for separate processing and hardware vendors. Encompassing the powerful and innovative software solutions devised by Dejavoo Systems (DeNovo Back Office, STEAM and SPIn) iPOSpays Payment Gateway Services allow you to take control of your time and your business.

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Key Features

  • True Omni Channel Platform
  • Transaction manipulation at the Cloud level
  • Easier maintenance for Agents & Merchants
  • Added value in a single point – not at the POS
  • Smart transaction routing
  • HSM (keys & security management) on Cloud
  • Android ToP – contactless to phone and cards
  • e-Invoice and virtual terminal
  • Recurring billing – KYC
  • Faster product development
  • SMS and email confirmations
  • Customer survey and tagging
  • Easier support & service – remote diagnostics
  • Works on multiple terminals
  • Fee programs and multi-merchant supported
  • Supports Crypto & e-Wallet
  • Buy now – Pay later
  • Payment as service and stand-alone pricing available
  • SPIn compatible for semi-integrators

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