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At MTech, we offer Smart ATM Topper that are a low-cost approach to increase your profit margins. Our high-definition video display and content management system is the most effective way to capture and hold shoppers' attention, resulting in more goods purchases and transactions. The incremental money generated by adding a smart topper will rapidly cover the expenditure.

We have everything you require. Our Smart ATM Topper solutions include a high-definition digital screen, mounting hardware, and a media network device for delivering content to your display. Our content management system license grants you access to and rights to a collection of entertaining apps, videos, and photographs. You will have our complete support, including training and regular assistance, to help you succeed with your ATM Topper business.

The vehicle that transmits visual content to the digital display is the Smart ATM topper. Your existing custom advertising, as well as those created by our creative team, can be effortlessly integrated into your content playlist. You can also select advertisements, informational, and entertainment options from a collection of graphics and films.

In each three-minute content loop, there are 36 ad slots to be exact! Make the most of them by turning them into an advertising cash stream. Offer other businesses the opportunity to advertise on your display alongside your own. It's a simple approach to boost your revenue. Our Smart ATM Topper is also a member of the Media Advertising Network, making it available to Media advertisers all around the country. As a network partner, you will receive additional advertising money if your display is chosen as an advertising campaign site.

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