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Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are self-service financial machines that can help with basic financial transactions like deposits and withdrawals without the need for bank personnel, regardless of location or time. The financial automation device is set up to complete a transaction, such as a cash withdrawal (withdrawal) or a cash deposit (deposit), using a medium like a card or a bankbook.

As a result, since the nanotechnology and varied service functions of financial automation devices have expanded, financial automation devices equipped with high-end integrated mainboards capable of supporting them have become necessary, especially as CPU technology has advanced at a rapid pace. The CPU of the automated teller machine is replaced on a regular basis.

The embedded mainboard (Main Control Unit, MCU) of a traditional automated teller machine, on the other hand, contains a CPU, BIOS, primary memory, secondary memory, EIDE control system, visual interface, memory, and other components. As a result of the implementation, there is a difficulty in that in order to upgrade individual units, including the CPU, the entire motherboard must be replaced, and a new motherboard must be developed every time a new CPU is installed in an automated teller machine. A difficulty arose as a result of this.

According to the prior art, the current invention solves the foregoing difficulties. To put it another way, an object of the present invention is to provide a docking structure for modularizing as well as mounting / detaching/unloading/unmounting devices on an I / O board by combining and mounting the integrated mainboard such as a central processing unit (CPU), a video interface, and a communication unit on an I / O board. According to the quickly changing CPU development speed, the embedded CPU installed on the board can be easily replaced, and the embedded motherboard function can be easily removable and upgraded by connecting and detaching modules according to each function. Its purpose is to give a financial automation equipment mainboard that is embedded.

MTech is the key provider of ATM mainboards in different sizes as well as capacities, we are dealing in high-quality standard products that enable the ATM Machines to a long-lasting strength to work properly. For more details and updates feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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