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ATMs are vital bank auxiliary equipment that typically operates 24 hours a day, providing everyone with simple and quick access. Only by maintaining the safety of the equipment can an ATM machine maintain its stable functioning and provide all-weather uninterrupted service. As a result, banks and other financial organizations place a premium on ATM machine security. The choice of locks utilized as the ATM machine's safety eye is critical. So, what are the most typical security locks used in ATM machines? MTech Distributors provide you with a range of security locks for your ATMs.

We offer locks that are made of zinc alloy, copper, iron, and stainless steel and the surface of the lock is treated with bright chrome, bright nickel, and other special processes, and the surface is smooth and delicate, with a metallic texture; locks can be equipped with anti-drilling steel balls, which can effectively prevent locks from being damaged, depending on customer needs. Furthermore, the plum blossom lock series has a master key system, which allows users to manage keys and unlock various types of locks, making it easier for staff to handle. This series of locks come in two sizes: 7 marbles or 10 marbles, with more than 10,000 key teeth, which is more than the industry average and ensures the safety of ATM equipment.

You can look for different options we have from different brands that suit best for your ATM. So hurry up and order your ATM security locks now!

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