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ATM cassettes are the essential part of ATM machines and are designed to store the monetary notes within the ATM. Each ATM cassette has a single denomination. The majority of ATMs contain four cassettes but some older ATMs may only have two. The bank staff or their authorized agents load the Atm cassettes with cash notes on a regular basis. Banks are required to issue notes that are clean, crisp, and fit into ATMs and then the money is carried further to the destination.

MTech is providing high-quality ATM cassettes with a limited time warranty. We offer many other technical parts of ATM that are difficult to find in the local market. ATM Cassette Holdalls are also available, which are used to collect and transport cash machine cassettes.

Each Holdall can handle 4 to 5 cassettes weighing up to 25kg. Once the currency has been loaded into the carrier, it is sealed with one of our security seals with a unique number. When the carrier arrives at its destination and the seal is broken, the recipient can see that the security has been penetrated.

To reduce dangers, it is recommended that ATMs use lockable cassettes which are also available at MTech, rather than using the open cash replenishment/top-up. But banks, on the other hand, need the recommendations for utilizing lockable cassettes in ATMs to be re-examined and officially proposed by the authorities because they require a significant expenditure and are difficult to implement. In implementing the cassette exchange feature in ATMs the logistical and infrastructure problems are foreseen but we have assigned a team of experts for dealing with the problems. A significant investment is required for the expenditure as it has many advantages but yet too expensive.

A high-quality ATM cassette can reduce the fear of robbery and theft which is increasing day by day. Cash loading is a risky element and a well-organized atm cassette can reduce the risk. MTech is a name of quality assurance products and we provide highly secured atm cassettes that keep the ATM at its best working capacity.

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