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Cassette guard is a highly cost effective equipment used to secure your cash dispenser. Our Cassette Guard uses cutting-edge hardware and software to secure your employees and contractors during ATM Cash Replenishment while also providing great physical resistance. The front of the ATM is protected by a single piece of solid steel security guard. Simply slide it over the cash dispenser that may be removed. For NH1500, NH1800, NH2700, and NH Halo, detachable 1K dispensers are compatible. Our atm cassette guards secures atm machines against any fraudulent and are designed with the key features including;

  • Designed with strong steel, a hardcore quality material for high resistance to any physical attack

  • Cassette guard designed indispensably defensive against any fraud

  • Provided with intuitive touch screens for better operational services

  • Multi-user interface or can be said as multi-level keyless control of the equipment

  • Extensive time delays are also among its options

  • Designed to maintain operational track records


The proprietary design makes use of existing attaching points within the retainer, eliminating the need for drilling or welding and reducing ATM downtime. There is no need for heavy manual handling, removal, or difficult refitting processes because the guards glide and rotate on their mounting.


The operating system, which was developed in collaboration with major banks and third-party cash replenishment experts, can be swiftly modified to meet any operating model.

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